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How Steve Jobs named his successor?

The life of Steve Jobs was definitely extremely interesting and his legacy will never be forgotten. Many
people never imagined that at some point, Steve Jobs will be gone. It seems that Tim Cook was one of those people. Allegedly, Tim Cook believed that Steve Jobs was going to "live a lot longer," an upcoming Steve Jobs biography reveals.

The book, Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart Into a Revolutionary Leader, reveals that Tim Cook was called by Jobs, who asked him to come over to his house. Cook never imagined what the famous CEO of Apple was going to tell him.

"He told me he had decided that I should be CEO. I thought then that he thought he was going to live a lot longer when he said this, because we got into a whole level of discussion about what would it mean for me to be CEO with him as a chairman," excerpts from the book indicated.

Allegedly, Tim Cook did not expect what Jobs was going to say, as he saw him getting better and thought
that he still going to maintain his role at Apple. The choice of Tim Cook for the role of Apple's CEO was not shocking at all. In fact, he served in this role twice, while Jobs was under treatment.

Before becoming Apple's CEO, Tim Cook was in charge with Apple's supply chain. In fact, he managed to create a perfectly functional supply chain, which helped the company maintain its dominance on the market.

Tech giants base their business on the efficiency of their supply chain and Apple managed to dominate the market with the release of the first iPod, iPad and iPhone. And it definitely managed to meet the huge demand coming from the market after the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Tim Cook became the CEO of Apple back in August 2011. Steve Jobs passed away in October, the same year, following some complications related to his pancreatic tumor.

The two were really good friends, being recently revealed that Cook actually offered to donate his liver to the famous CEO, as he found out that they were compatible. However, Jobs denied the offer.
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