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iPhone 7: Apple's Upcoming Release?

On the grounds of an amazing popularity of the iPhone 6, rumors have already started to appear on what Apple plans on releasing next.

Some claim that Apple has in the works a new generation smartphone, iPhone 7. However, others seem to believe that for the first time in a year, Apple will not make such a release, but will actually only give minor update to its latest smartphones, releasing the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Until the rumors will be confirmed, probably in the fall when Apple is expected to make the new release, it is worth finding out what the new devices are said to feature.

Force Touch

Force Touch technology

One of the most interesting features rumored to be presented along with the next iPhone is the Force Touch feature. This new feature is said to allow the iPhone to differentiate between different kinds of forces applied on the screen.

The Force Touch technology is not actually new. Apple introduced it for the first time with the Apple Watch, in 2014. At this point, it is unclear how Apple plans on incorporating the new Force Touch into iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Well, the next iPhones are expected to have the same physical design as the latest generation phones, so users should not expect to see something new or extremely impressive on this matter.

Battery life still a challenge

While Apple is working at the release of the iPhone 7, it seems that customers have some suggestions for the famous company.

Allegedly, there still are some aspects of the new Apple product that customers would still like to improve. Despite the improvements that Apple has brought with the iPhone 6 when it comes to battery life, apparently, customers would suggest Apple to focus more on a stronger battery.

A new poll conducted by an online publication indicated that despite the improvements in battery life made with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, users want Apple to bring some new improvements in the next flagship smartphone it plans on releasing. So, there is at least one issue on which Apple might have to focus more in the future.

Well, as it seems that there is a consensus among customers that Apple should improve the battery life of the iPhone, Apple will have to take this under consideration. Battery life is still an issue with many smartphones nowadays.

And the explanation is quite simple. Smartphones tend to consume juice quite quickly, as apps consume a lot of battery. Of course, Internet runs constantly on smartphones and this consumes even more. Many smartphone makers have started to think of methods to compensate in a way this common issue.

The waterproof phone

The iPhone waterproof phone concept

Well, while some customers dream about a stronger battery life, it seems that others want the new iPhone 7 to be waterproof phone.

A more resilient and tougher phone would definitely be an interesting evolution for Apple. Some rumors indicate that this might be something that Apple is considering. So, rumors say that the famous company is working at a technique known as Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition, to make the components inside the phone more resistant to moisture.

Sapphire glass

Sapphire glass iPhone feature

If some rumors talk about what the new phone will feature, other indicate what we won't be able to see in the upcoming generation iPhone. So, it has been claimed that iPhone 7 will not come with sapphire glass.

This incredible tough material was said to be featured in iPhone 6, too, but finally the famous tech company decided to not include it in the production of its phone. A sapphire glass display would mean that the front of the phone would actually become virtually indestructible.

Sapphire glass is extremely scratch-resistant, but it has been said that certain problems in the company's supply chain has made more difficult the whole process.

So, the problem on why the sapphire glass will not be featured in the next generation iPhone seems to be quite complex. Apple has apparently signed a deal with Zhengzhou city government to develop a 133-hectare factory which is believed to be in charge with producing sapphire glass displays.

Well, it is yet to see which of these rumors will be confirmed and when the new phone will be released.

Most likely, the release will take place sometime during the fall, although some analysts believe that Apple might update with iPhone lineup sooner, maybe twice a year, to be able to face strong competition from Samsung and other powerful tech giants.
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