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Is Apple car a good project?

Apple is probably one of the most successful companies in the world. The famous tech giant has managed to shock the entire world with the success of its latest smartphone. Well, some analysts seemed to believe that such an amazing success would not be great for Apple, as the famous company would never be able to equal it. Will Apple be able to equal the success of the iPhone 6 with its future release? Well, maybe the popular tech giant will actually overcome it by far.

For a while now, reports have revealed that Apple is actually getting ready to design the very first Apple car. In the past few weeks, it had been rumored that Apple is working at a secret project, known under the code name Titan. So, Apple is said to be planning to build an electric car and the release is said to be scheduled for 2020. While the release of Apple's electric car seems to be an extraordinary project, it seems that not everyone is so confident that Apple will be able to pull this through.

The automotive industry is extremely challenging and Apple will have a series of obstacles to overcome. However, this did not discourage the popular tech giant.

How will an Apple Car be received on the market? 

Apple has been interested in the automotive industry for several years, but it seems that the company considered that this is the right moment to enter on this market. How will Apple be received by other car makers? Of course, opinions are shared. Dan Akerson, the former CEO of General Motors, recently claimed that Apple has no idea what this means. Akerson revealed that regulatory and safety requirements are extremely challenging, even for car makers with a long history in this industry.

Therefore, this problem can turn out being much bigger for a consumer electronics company. On the other hand, the CEO of Nissan claimed that it would actually be a great idea for Apple to enter the electric car business.

"If Apple does it, obviously it's good news for us," Carlos Ghosn claimed.

Apparently, Ghosn is not concerned at all with the competition that Apple's entrance on this market will bring. Ghosn revealed that Apple's car would be an amazing way to raise awareness of electric cars and it seems that he is certain Apple would be able to do that very fast. "The fact that a company outside of the auto industry wants to do electric cars is refreshing," the CEO of Nissan went on to add.

While Nissan seems to not be scared at all, other car makers might not feel that comfortable with the entrance of Apple and Google on the auto market. The two companies possess a great ability to innovate and create new technologies for cars, compared to the automakers that already are on the market.

Moreover, Apple's financial possibilities are endless, so the tech giant can even take over the market.

Where will the new cars be built?

If the rumors on the company's intentions to invest in an Apple car weren't enough to sustain this hypothesis, it has recently been revealed that the famous company has actually started to hire a series of people with experience in automotive. Reports revealed that Johann Jungwirth has also joined Apple.

Jungwirth is the former head of Mercedes-Benz's Silicon Valley research and development division. Of course, this news created headlines, but nothing else had been revealed on the subject since. Where Apple plans on opening the new plants to work at the Apple car is yet to be discovered.

Allegedly, Apple has added a new scope to its company activities to include vehicles, in Switzerland. It has been reported that the company's lawyers have worked to change the company's legal documents and include activities linked to vehicles.

When being asked about the rumors, Tim Cook refused to comment. Naturally, the CEO of Apple never reveals the true intentions of his company, so as times goes by, rumors are going to stop or are going to increase as new things will be revealed to the public.

 "Sales are secondary. Market shares are secondary. Profits are secondary. The important thing is to focus on building great products," Cook claimed.

Apple and BMW

After the latest tech world congress, rumors emerged indicating that Apple might collaborate with BMW for the development of an electric car. However, it seems that BMW dismissed the rumors, saying that developing an electric car is not in their current plans.

"We are in regular talks with companies from the IT and telecommunications sector, including Apple, concerning topics like connected vehicles. Developing or building a car is not a topic of these discussions," a statement from BMW said.

How will an Apple Car be received on the market?  What do you think about this concept?
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