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Is Apple Having Problems Producing the Apple Watch's Screen?

Reportedly, Apple is dealing with some serious issues in the production of the Apple Watch. As a result, the shipments of the famous company are said to be cut in half. This means that Apple will only be able to deliver between 1.25 and 1.5 million units, although at first the tech giant promised the release of no less than 2.5 to 3 million units.

The revelations were made by a Taiwanese publication, which cited sources within the company's supply chain. So, sources claimed that the issue in Apple's supply chain is actually linked to a problem with the production of the AMOLED display panels that the famous company was allegedly using for the watch's screen.

Of course, Apple revealed nothing about such problems. Moreover, the famous company has never disclosed the precise type of screen technology that it uses for the Apple Watch.

However, if there is some truth in these claims, it actually means that the Apple Watch will be the first product released by the famous company that uses AMOLED.

It is a well-known fact that Apple products commonly feature liquid crystal display screens, which are, of course, used in products such as the iPhone.

Of course, it remains unknown if the report was correct or not. However, issues in a company's supply chain are not uncommon at all. Still, what has been claimed at this point is that Apple will have to solve some critical issues generated in the production of its new device, due to its very small size.

How will Apple be able to address such issues is something yet to be found out.

Meanwhile, analysts seem to believe that the battery of the new device could prove to be a major issue influencing its success. Apple revealed that the battery life of its smart device is 18 hours.

This means that users having a very long day at the office, or those who like to enjoy some time out after the working hours, will have to make a stop home to charge the device. In other words, 18 hours of battery means no overnight use of the watch, without charging.

Moreover, analysts say that compared to other smartwatches on the market, Apple is incapable to face the competition. Other devices on the market can last from a day and a half even up to a week.
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