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Is Apple going to release an iPhone 6C?

While the interest on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has started to pale, rumors indicate that Apple is working at an update for its successful smartphone.

While some claim that the popular tech giant will release a brand new iPhone, the iPhone 7, others seem to think that Apple will only give this new device some small updates, in the form of an iPhone 6S.

Now, rumors indicate that the tech giant might actually be working at the release of an iPhone 6C, too.

Such a hypothesis is quite interesting, having under consideration that the last iPhone C model was the iPhone 5C, which wasn't the much expected success that the famous company dreamed of having.

iPhone 6C Concepts
 However, analysts seem to believe that once again Apple plans on achieving success on emerging markets in Latin America and Asia, trying to offer customers a cheaper version of its advanced smartphone.

Moreover, even though iPhone 5C did not bring Apple an impressive success, the phone did better, at least on some markets, than iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5C was released back in 2013. The device was actually presented by Apple along with the iPhone 5S, which aimed to be the flagship device for the famous company. So, the iPhone 5C was supposed to be more affordable than iPhone 5S.

Well, while Apple's plans remain a secret and nothing further was released about the specs of the new iPhone 6C, rumors also emerged on the release of the iPhone 6S. And here they also talked about the features that the new device may include.

So, it has been claimed that the new iPhone might come with edge to edge display, naturally in response to the newest Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge.

The next iPhone is also said to feature the next generating charging technology, which actually is the feature of wireless recharging.

Another feature that is said to be included in the upcoming iPhone is parental control. This comes to the help of parents, who want to make sure that some access will be restricted before their child uses the smartphone.

 All these features might also come in the iPhone 6C, but of course nothing has been confirmed yet.

Apple is expected to introduce its new update to the iPhone lineup this fall, although there were rumors indicating that the famous company will present something new this summer, to be able to face the increased competition coming from other smartphone makers, including of course Samsung, Apple's biggest competitor on this market.
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