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1 Million Apple Watches Preordered on April 10

Everyone expected the Apple Watch to be a success, but maybe not everyone realized how successful this product will be. Not even Apple itself. Reportedly, over 1 million Apple Watches were pre-ordered last week, on the first day when the device became available in sale. In fact, the new Apple device sold out almost immediately after being placed in sale.

Statistics revealed by Slice Intelligence indicated that the Apple Watch was purchased by about 957,000 people in the United States. Customers spent in average $503.83 for this new product.

Since the product became available in sale, it managed to cause some debates among customers. So, people complained about the small supply and the shipping dates that extended through the summer. The Apple Watch is scheduled to be released on April 24. 

Why do people buy the Apple Watch?

Apple has always released successful products. Actually, when it comes to this tech giant, people do not only buy because of quality or technology. Markus Giesler, marketing professor at York University in Canada, claimed according to Live Science that Apple customers are quite special.

"When you buy an Apple Watch, you're not just buying this watch — you're also buying the interface into this matrix Apple has created," he claimed.

The huge interest on the Apple Watch is even more curious if we keep in mind the fact that this device actually isn't the first smartwatch or fitness tracker that can be found on the market. In fact, Apple released its brand new product on a market filled with smartwatches. And still, it manages to be the most successful of all.

Mr. Giesler alleged that the new Apple Watch might be a good thing for customers, as the device could help people accomplish goals such as staying healthy, organizing their lives easier or communicating simpler with their loved ones. The fact is that the Apple Watch makes using technology easier and this is one of the reasons why people like this product.

The Apple Watch is available in three versions, Apple Watch, which costs $549, Apple Watch Sport, which starts at $349 and the Apple Watch Edition, which can be purchased at a cost between $10.000 and $17.000. Regardless of the version that customers plan on purchasing, the watch requires an iPhone 5 or later model to be able to work.
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