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Apple confirms that Apple Watch will be Available through Reservation only

Apple has just confirmed that its latest product, the Apple Watch, will be available through reservation,
only. This means that people who imagined that they will see the Apple Watch in all stores and will be able to check it out before making the decision to buy on the spot, might rethink the entire story.

The fact is that people from all over the world are excited about the release of the Apple Watch, which will hit the market in about half a month.

Well, a new report indicated that after its release, the wearable Apple device will be sold exclusively through a reservation system. This means that Apple will continue to sale its device this way.

Most likely, the famous company has chosen this sales strategy due to its uncertainty on how the device will be received on the market. Moreover, not only that fans won't be able to just stop in a store to buy the new device, but they won't be able to try it on either.

Apple requires people interested in the Apple Watch to make a type of reservation to see or try on the new product. This means that fans will need to schedule a fitting with an Apple Store representative and check out the Apple Watch in reality. Without a doubt, many customers were disappointed by this strategy that Apple has put in place.

Why did Apple set a reservation system?

The reason why Apple has put in place this reservation system is actually linked to the fact that the company needs to manage sales perfectly for it to be a success. The Apple Watch comes in a number of different models that vary in price and style.

This means that the famous company needs a system to make sure that it will meet the demand. The reservation system helps Apple create the models that people want to buy instead of a number of products that could remain on the shelves for months.

Still, the Apple Watch is one of the most expected releases of the year. Moreover, this device is the most anticipated smart watch released until now. The device comes in a price range between $349 and $17,000, so Apple might get interest from different categories of customers. Still, no one, not even Apple can predict which of these models users will prefer.

Apple Watch's Guided Tour

Since the release of the new Apple Watch will be coming soon, the company decided to launch a Guided Tour to better present the product to its viewers. Apple has in fact added an entire section on its website dedicate to offer a guided tour for the Apple Watch. Here, users will be able to access a series of tutorials, presenting various videos that will guide users throughout the several features of the watch.

This is not the first time when Apple introduces such a system. The famous company did the same when it presented for the first time the touchscreen technology.

All the videos accessible on Apple's site cover information about the basic features of the Watch, to provide a basic introduction to the product. The video was conceived for people willing to discover more about the device, before making a purchase.

Apple Watch won't be launched in Switzerland

The debut of the Apple Watch in Switzerland has been delayed, at least until the end of 2015. Allegedly, the reason for this is linked to the intellectual property rights problem that Apple faced in this country. A new report indicated that there is a patent dating back to 1985, which prohibits the use of the word "apple" or an image of an apple.

It has been claimed that the patent owned by watch brand Leonard will expire on December 5. The fact that Swiss watchmakers see the Apple Watch as a new competitor is no secret, even more so as Apple aims to enter the luxury watches market with its special edition model.

Apple did not comment on these claims.

Well, the new Apple Watch is set to hit nine countries on April 24. The Apple Watch actually is the first new product category since the iPad and the first under CEO Tim Cook.
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