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Apple Receives Patent for a Stylus

While it seems that the entire public focus is concentrated on the Apple Watch, apparently, the popular tech giant has also others projects in development. Reportedly, Apple was granted a patent application for a stylus, leading to many rumors.

According to these rumors, the popular company may be working on an electronic pen that will be released as an optional add-on.

The patent application case dates back to 2011, when it was first filed with authorities. Allegedly, the patent was obtained for an "active" stylus that includes electronic components that can interact with touch-screen devices.

According to the patent filing, the new device uses a type of sensor that "can significantly improve stylus sensing" "without incurring significant additional cost."

Will Apple release a stylus?

Without a doubt, this is the most obvious question in this context. However, it is worth mentioning that not all patents that Apple files turn out being materialized into finished products. This means that from registering a patent to releasing a product, there is a long way.

And it might be a strategy for Apple to mislead competitors with regard to what it is planning on releasing next. Distracting competitors actually is a commonly used strategy among tech giants.

However, registering the patent might also mean that Apple is planning on securing a potential release. Several reports indicated that Apple has already started working to create its own stylus.

Moreover, the popular company filed for another patent for stylus technology back in 2013. This might indicate that Apple is really interested in this area of the market.

Some analysts have claimed that Apple will release a stylus accessory sometime during the second quarter of 2015. According to famous analyst Ming-Cho Kuo, the stylus that Apple will release this year will be an accessory for a larger iPad.

Steve Jobs hated the idea

If Apple will turn out releasing a stylus, this would actually be an idea completely different to what Steve Jobs wanted for the company. It is a well know fact that Jobs hated the idea of using a stylus. He made that very clear during an Apple conference, back in 2007, saying that nobody really wants to have such a device.

"Who wants a stylus?! You have to get 'em, put 'em away, you lose 'em, yuck. Nobody wants a stylus," Jobs said.
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