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Apple Watch Shipping Delay Outrages Fans

Apple is under scrutiny over the delayed shipping of its latest Apple Watch. So, only about one week after the new device became available for pre-orders, fans are quite upset with the way this process has evolved. The company received an email from a disappointed loyal fan, who criticized the tech giant for its shipping times that stretch into the summer.

So, an Apple fan sent an email to Tim Cook regarding the Apple Watch preorders. The new device sold out in a matter of a few minutes after the famous company opened pre-orders. The device is set to be officially launched on April 24, but this does not mean that fans will be able to buy it immediately from stores.

"With that said, I see the Apple Watch launch advertised as the 24th of April, which is great. When I heard that, along with many others, I looked forward to ordering it then or at least reserving it the night before to pick up at the Apple Store, similar to every other launch Apple's done," the message shared by Apple's customer said. 

However, his message added, the device will not be available for purchase on the spot on this launch date.

The Apple Watch is one of the most expected devices of this year. In fact, the release of this product has been anticipated for years. Known as the iWatch before its official release, this product has been much awaited by customers from all around the world. So, it seems that Apple fans are just tired of waiting to get their hands on the latest device. Having under consideration this reaction coming from the public, the Apple Watch is definitely going to be a hit for the famous company.

Still, the question that raises in this context is if Apple will be able to meet the great demand for its all-new product. The constraints that Apple faces within its supply chain are no secret and the fact is that Apple might find itself in the situation of pushing shipping dates even more to the fall, as the demand is expected to continue to grow.

Until now, Tim Cook has not responded to the email sent by the disappointed customer, but reports indicated that the customer received a call from an Apple executive. Allegedly, the executive told him
that most likely orders will be shipped sooner than the time initially communicated, as Apple wanted to make sure that it would not disappoint customers with false guarantees.
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