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Apple Worried about Chips Supply for the iPhone

Allegedly, Apple is not facing supply chain problems only when it comes to the release of the Apple Watch. In fact, the famous company is also worried about meeting such issues when it comes to the release of a new iPhone. It seems that Apple is really worried that Samsung won't make enough chips for the iPhone, only because the Galaxy S6 is doing amazing on the market.

It seems that people just loved the newest updates made to the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. So, both the S6 and the S6 Edge smartphones have registered great sales, exceeding expectations. Well, analysts seem to believe that this might hurt Apple and not only in terms of market share and competition.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is well known for his previsions when it comes to developments in technology, claimed that what Apple is so worried about is that the success of Samsung's latest smartphone will determine the famous company to prioritize the Galaxy range over Apple's orders.

Kuo alleged that if sales of Samsung S6 will continue to grow on the same trend as until now, then, the smartphone maker might really favor its own products over the products that Apple plans on releasing.

Ming-Cho Kuo claimed that there is a really strong demand on the market for the Galaxy S6 Edge, which comes with a curved screen, demand that is expected to raise in the future. The success of this new device is quite surprising, having under consideration that the Samsung Galaxy S5 failed to achieve the opularity that Samsung hoped it would have.

Moreover, the high demand for the S6 comes on a market which showed a huge demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Actually, having under consideration the impressive, record-breaking sales of Apple this device, Samsung's smartphone was expected to be a failure.

Well, having under consideration the demand, but not only, Samsung's head of mobile J.K. Shin alleged at a press event this month that supply for the S6 may suffer some constrains due to the difficulty in manufacturing the S6 Edge's curved screen. Given this situation, reports indicated that Apple is thinking of moving most of its A9 orders for a new iPhone generation to another supplier, TSMC.
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