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Apple's Security Flaw still not fixed

Allegedly, Mac computers still deal with a major security flaw. Previously, Apple said that it had fixed the issue, but analysis claim that the vulnerability hasn't been resolved yet.

The security flaw was first revealed a few months ago. Two weeks ago, Apple released an update for the Mac OS X Yosemite, alleging that it has fixed a gaping hole in the operating system's code.

The security update was a must, as the vulnerability allegedly could potentially allow hackers to take control of any Apple Mac. However, security researcher Patrick Wardle claimed that the danger is still not gone.

According to Wardle, the update was not able to fix the problem, which means that any Macintosh is still exposed to hackers.

Wardle alleged that the security parch seemed to be a "reasonable fix." However, he found another way which hackers can use to benefit of the same vulnerability.

Wardle published his findings on his personal blog, but he also alleged that he shared some of the information he reached directly with Apple. 

The security problem was first revealed in October 2014. Then, Google announced Apple that its Mac users might be exposed to hackers.

The flaw was made public in January. However, although more than six months have passed since the issue was first made public, it seems that Apple found no fix to prevent exposing its users to third parties.

This is not the first time when the tech giant seems to meet some issues when it comes to ensuring the privacy of its users. Last year, Apple was in the middle of a big scandal, as a security flaw allowed hackers to access users private information sent over Apple devices, including emails, instant messages, but also social media posts and even online bank transactions. Allegedly, Apple wasn't able to fix the issue on the spot, despite its sensibility and severity.

Apple devices seem to become of more and more interest to hackers, given that the number of Mac users is in constant growth. However, until now, security issues on this market have mostly been associated to Windows, which still is predominantly targeted by hackers.

It is yet to see if Apple will address the claims made by Wardle and if the famous company will release another update, able to solve the security issue.
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