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The Apple TV will not Support 4K

Apple is said to release a new generation Apple TV this year. While the famous company has failed to reveal too much about what it plans when it comes to this release, a series of rumors have been linked to the Apple TV. Now, rumors indicate that the next-generation Apple TV will not feature 4K video capability.

So, although the rumored update will include a series of new capabilities, 4K will most likely not going to be one of those features. 4K is the newest form of high-definition video-resolution.

4K is also known as UltraHD and such a video will have a minimum resolution of 3840-by-2160, which means four times the number of pixels in 1080p video.

While some might think that this is a bad decision for Apple, analysts seem to believe that this actually is a good choice. Since 4K is a new technology, there actually is very few content available out there for 4K video. In other words, this means that 4K is far from a mainstream feature.

When it comes to the content that is currently available on 4K, it is important to mention that Netflix and Amazon have been releasing some of their original series in 4K, although it remains limited for now.

Without a doubt, traditional TV networks are still far away from that. Allegedly, cost is the main issue for both customers and content providers.

Although 4K may not be in plans, the new device is expected to bring a series of new features, including a faster processor, more storage, but also a new iOS version, which allows Siri voice commands and HomeKit controls. 

Reports previously claimed that the Apple TV will debut at the upcoming annual World Wide Developers Conference, which is set to be held in June. It has been claimed that at this event, Apple will also unveil a new Apple TV App Store.

It is yet to see if this release date will be confirmed after all. However, the fact that Apple has in the works a new device became quite visible through the fact that the famous company decided to drop the price of the current Apple TV model to $69, showing that a successor is on the way.
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