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The iPhone is still the Best Selling Apple Product

Although the focus is now concentrated on the release of the Apple Watch, the iPhone remains the best-selling product of the famous company. It is no secret in the fact that in January, Apple reported its highest profit in history, managing to earn more than any other smartphone company has ever managed to achieve.

So, Apple revealed that it sold a record 74.5 million iPhone during the holidays' quarter. There is no doubt in the fact that the three months of the year that include the Christmas shopping season is the best time for iPhone sales. However, what Apple managed to achieve was its highest revenue in history and the highest profit of any company ever.

How was Apple able to achieve all that? Well, it seems that Apple fans just loved the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. These new devices came with a brand new design and the biggest display Apple has ever had in its smartphone.

And people just loved it. However, many analysts claim that while this is an amazing development, it may not be that great on long term.

So, while the sales of the iPhone have grown, Apple has become more depended on its smartphones for profits. Moreover, the growth of demand for smartphones has meant a decrease in the popularity of tables.

No less than 69 percent of Apple's revenue comes from the iPhone, which analysts say that is quite risky, mostly for a company of the size of Apple. Analysts claim that this is why the success of the Apple Watch is really crucial for Apple at this point.

Apple needs to expand into a new market and have at least one product capable of conquering the market, to eliminate risks. Of course, the famous company has huge hopes in the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch was introduced back in September as a "breakthrough" product. There is no word on how many Apple Watches have been ordered until now, but analysts claimed that Apple sold over 3 million devices.

This is better than what any other smartwatch on the market has achieved, but it is yet to see if it will be enough for Apple.
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