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Apple iOS 9 Rumors: Leaks and Release Date

Apple is surely expected to make some releases this year, so there is no wonder that a series of rumors have already been linked to the company's intentions and plans.

Some of these rumors indicate that Apple plans on releasing soon its next operating system, the iOS 9. Apple is said to be rolling out the iOS 9 in September, along with the release of its new iPhones.

However, the new operating system is expected to be presented sooner, meaning in June 8-12, when the WWDC Apple event will be taking place.

Rumors indicate that with the new OS, Apple will actually eliminate Helvetica Neue, which was first revealed on the market with iOS 7.

Reports indicate that it will actually be replaced with the Apple Watch font San Francisco.

While some seem to believe that this is a great change, others seem to completely disagree.

According to reports, some worry that the San Francisco will not look as good as imagined on non-Retina display screens.

 Of course, it is yet to see exactly what Apple will be choosing on this matter.

Another interesting aspect that has been debated is the introduction of the Beats Music to the new OS.

While Apple remained silent about this, the Beats has been an Apple business for over a year now, so something is definitely going to happen in this area.

Apple purchased Beats Music back in 2014 for no less than $3 billion. Some reports indicated that Apple was working on a new app that aims to compete with Spotify and Rdio, so something might be in the works.

Reports also revealed that Apple will put a lot of focus into its Apple Maps service, which has not been too popular until now.

However, Apple recently purchased Coherent Navigations, a GPS company, which might help the popular company deliver more to its clients.

Well, one of the most important things that Apple is said to be introducing now is actually an upgrade for Siri. However, exactly what Apple plans on introducing remains a secret.

Moreover, reports indicated that the new iOS will actually bring support for older iPhones and iPads.

Well, Apple fans will be able to discover more on June 8, when we will all find out which rumors will be confirmed and which will be completely denied. 
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