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Apple Starts Shipping Golden Watches

Customers who ordered the Apple Watch Edition will soon receive their luxury device. Apple has just started to ship the impressive product, with custom delivery times.

Users who are anxious to get their Apple Watch may be able to enter into its possession as soon as this week.

So, for the Apple Watch Edition, users are given the possibility to choose the time when their device will be delivered.

This policy differs compared with the other Apple devices. Buyers who ordered the impressive product have received shipping notifications from the famous company, asking them to announce

Apple whenever is the best time to deliver the product, of course within the working hours of its couriers.

Why is Apple putting so much effort into the delivery of this product?

 Well, the answer to this question couldn't be easier. The famous company is focusing so much on this aspect given the impressive cost of its Edition Watch.

The Apple Watch Edition is an 18-karat solid gold watch, priced between $10,000 and $17,000.
Apple Watch Golden Edition

 However, its features are exactly the same to the ones presented in all the other Apple Watches released by the famous company, including its least expensive model, the $349 Sport watch.

Apple started to deliver some of the Apple Watch orders at the end of April. Of course, deliveries were made in the order in which customers placed their preorders.

So, this means that the last preorders were not yet addressed by the famous company and fans are still waiting for their devices.

Analysts claimed that the reason why there is a delay for the shipping of the Edition is actually linked to the fact that the use of gold in the manufacturing process requires more complex and time consuming techniques, compared with the process put in place for manufacturing aluminum or steel devices.
This special process increases both the price and the delivery time for the Edition. However, this does not seem to bother that much the numerous Apple fans, who seem to be as interested as possible in this device.

The Apple Watch is expected to be a spectacular success. This impressive device is actually said to make Apple the first one trillion company in the world.

Well, it is yet to see how the Apple Watch will perform on the market and if it will gain this success after all.
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