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Apple Stop Selling the iPad Mini

Apple made another unexpected decision. The famous tech company just stopped selling the original iPad Mini.

Actually, Apple has made no announcement on this decision, but the famous company quietly removed it from Apple's online store.

This was the only non-Retina iPad that the popular tech giant still had on sale.

It surely seems that Apple plans on making some changes in its lineup and it seems to be willing to completely ditch the non-Retina display.

Well, some users may be disappointed to find out that the first generation iPad mini is no longer available in the Apple store for purchases.
This means that the only options left out there are the iPad 2 and 3, as well as the iPad Air and iPad 2.

The original iPad mini was first announced by the famous company back in October 2012.
Given that it was quite an old model in Apple's lineup, there is no wonder that the famous company decided to stop selling it, although the classic mini was still a choice for many people interested in purchasing this type of device.

The non-retina iPad mini model is no longer available, an Apple spokesperson confirmed the decision. 
Now all models of iPad mini and iPad Air have 64-bit Apple-designed CPUs and high-resolution Retina displays.
So, from this statement, it seems that the reason why Apple decided to discontinue this device is actually linked to the old technology that comes with it.

Analysts claimed that Apple might be moving to gradually eliminate all the non-Retina devices that it still has in store, including some older Mac models.

 This means that most likely, the famous company will phase them out. Apple is well-known to support high-resolution displays, so, it is kind of expected for the iPhone maker to remove from its lineup what is not sufficiently impressive for today's standards.

Well, the decision to discontinue this product has made many wonder if Apple is going to release a new iPad in the near future.

Commonly, the company made such decisions, before adding a new device to its lineup. However, it is yet to see if the tech giant will make such a release and when this will happen.
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  1. They still have an iPad mini, why is it news they discontinued the oldest model of a series of iPads?


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