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Apple Unveils :Apple Music, iOS update, Apple News and El Capitan

Apple's event just took place. The famous company made some interesting revelations during its annual conference for developers.

Of course, the most important release for Apple at this point is its Apple Music, a brand-new unlimited streaming service, which was actually rumored for quite some time now.

During the event, Apple also revealed updates for iOS, OS X, as well as Apple Watch and Apple Pay.
Of course, this wasn't the moment when Apple revealed a new phone or a new tablet.

However, nobody expected the famous company to do so at this point. In fact, this Apple event was about giving customers more reasons to opt for an Apple device.
Here are some revelations that Apple made now:

1. Apple Music

New Apple Music Service
The Apple Music service is set to make its debut on June 30. Many consider this to be Apple's answer to Spotify, but exactly how this service will function it is yet to find out.
We have had a long relationship with music… Music has had a rich history of change, some of which we've played a part in," Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said during the event. 

What has been revealed at this point is that users can get a 3-month free membership for Apple Music at first, after which they will have to pay about $9.99 per month as a subscription fee, to be able to gain access to all the features that Apple has prepared.

Apple Music is said to allow users to ask Siri for help. It remains unclear if the service will also come with a social feature, such as the one accessible with Spotify.

Apple seems to be really determined to change everyone's music experience, so the fact that the company released its new streaming service is not shocking at all.

The famous company also revealed that the service will be available on iPhones, iPads, iPod, Macs and Apple TV, but it will also be available on Android smartphone.

2. Apple Watch

Apple Watch Model
The Apple Watch has recently been launched on the market, but this did not stop Apple from releasing an update to its software.

It definitely seems that Apple wants to make sure that its device will be as successful as possible.
The Apple Watch actually is the first all new device that the famous company released in the past five years and the first new product that it launched since Tim Cook took over the tech giant.

3. iOS update

The release of the Apple Music service has definitely took all the spotlight, but Apple has also introduced at this point some important updates in a new iOS version.

The next big update to Apple's operating system is iOS 9. Apple claimed that the update will be released for users later this year and will come with a very interesting feature: Intelligence.

 This new feature is able to suggest music when the user is going for a run or to suggest some specific apps that can turn out to be useful for users at certain times of the day.

This feature actually functions as a type of a personal assistant, which definitely seems to be a competitor to Google's predictive mobile software, Google Now.

4. Apple News

Probably every person in the world had heard about Google News.
Many use it on daily basis, but what about Apple News? 
Apple seems to be willing to introduce a new app, which will be called News. The purpose of this app is to help users get a clean, easy to reach look for articles.

Of course, it will be available both on iPhones and iPads. It will offer users the possibility to check the latest articles from the New York Times of Bloomberg.

5. El Capitan

El Capitan
Another important update that Apple presented at this point is called El Capitan and it actually is an update for OS X, the operating system for Mac computers.

The update will bring some visual improvements and will help users easier create rich and detailed graphics.

Besides these updates, Apple also presented some improvements to its Apple Pay service and introduced some enhancements to Swift.

However, the famous company made no announcements when it comes to improvements for the Apple TV.

This means that not even this time Apple has focused on this product, although many customers expected such a development.
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