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Apple WWDC 2015 Expected to Reveal New Music Streaming Service

It seems that the rumors have been confirmed even before the famous company made the official announcement.
 Sony Music's CEO, Doug Morris, confirmed the fact that Apple will announce its streaming service at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

 "It's happening tomorrow," Morris claimed. Of course, Apple was expected to make this release.

Spotify has never really advertised because it’s still not profitable. I think that Apple will advertise and the result of this will have halo effect on the entire streaming service [market], Morris was quoted saying. 

Morris also claimed that he hoped that Apple will make the first step into returning the music industry to its former glory.

This is not the first time when everyone expects Apple to save the music industry. The same thing was said when the popular company started focusing on the iPod and the iTunes.

However, Steve Jobs' plans were stopped by online piracy and the release of Napster, which made the famous company drop the iPod and the iTunes store.

WWDC 2015 Apple new Musci Streaming Service
However, now, it is claimed that Apple can be the savior that the music industry needs. After all, Apple was the one who transformed the way music was distributed and sold with its iTunes.

Of course, at this point there were no details revealed on the features that this new service will offer.

However, Apple fans will be able to discover that in less than a day, when the famous company will make the announcement at its event.

Previously, rumors indicated that Apple's music streaming service will cost about $10 per month for unlimited music with no free, ad-supported tier.

Rumors also said that Apple is yet to sign deals with Sony Music, Universal or Warner Music. However, it is claimed that this will not stop the famous company from making the official announcement on its new release.

Moreover, a Bloomberg report claimed that Apple was actually trying to sign some last minute deals in the music industry, before the Worldwide Developers Conference.

The event will be taking place on June 8, at Moscone Center, in San Francisco. It is yet to find out what the popular company will release at this point. 
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