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Demand for iPhones and Apple Watch Still Strong

Apple is without a doubt at the pick of its success. The famous company remains strong on the market with two important products: the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.

The demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus remains extremely strong, as well as the interest in the Apple Watch.
Apple Watch and iPhone demand on the rise

According to some analysts, the demand for the iPhone has actually reached the impressive number of 53 million units for the June quarter.

Analysts claimed that most interest for Apple's device actually came from China. And if the iPhone is doing well, the Apple Watch is stabilizing at a level 20 percent higher than the first-generation iPhone six weeks demands after the launch.

How is it possible for Apple to enjoy such a spectacular success? 

The Chinese demand for this products is one of the main reasons to that.

Besides this, the iPhone hadn't had a serious competitor on the market, at least until the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This means that the famous company had a great number of potential customers, who really turned to its product.

Analysts estimate that the Chinese sales will continue on the same impressive trend.
So, while in North America, the company's growth rate was just 1 percent over the same period last year, in Europe it was 6 percent.

The greater growth was of course registered in China, over 28 percent. Apple expects even more from China and the famous company has great chances of achieving it.

Well, at least until Samsung does something to change that. Some analysts seem to believe that the growth of Samsung Galaxy S6 on the Chinese market has great chances of overpassing the growth of Apple's device. Some experts claim that Galaxy S6's sales will be unprecedented.

Samsung does need the increase, as the tech giant has been losing lately in front of Apple. Well, exactly who will gain the supremacy and who will conquer the much desired and disputed Chinese market is yet to find out. Maybe sales figures will be revealed in the coming months.
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