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iPhone display with integrated Touch ID fingerprint scanner - Is Apple Looking to Eliminate Home Button on iPhone 6S?

Apple is rumored to be working at a series of changes in its upcoming iPhone, which is said to be in the works.

Now, rumors alleged that the tech giant plans on developing an iPhone display with integrated Touch ID fingerprint scanner, completely eliminating the home button.

Well, this is not the first time when rumors indicate that Apple may be willing to eliminate the home button on its smartphone.

However, at least until now, rumors have never been confirmed. According to rumors, Apple needs to find a way to integrate the home button to the device's display, but it still needs to be as comfortable as possible for users.
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Some analysts claim that Apple has prepared this move for quite some time. According to them, some decisions made by Apple indicate the famous company's plans.

For instance, Apple's continued interest in both acquisitions and patent filings, in embedding its Touch ID fingerprint sensing technology into touchscreen displays, is indicating such plans.

Rumors on Apple's interest in such a development first emerged with the purchase of AuthenTec, back in 2012.

About two years later, Apple seemed to make a new step on that direction, filing a patent under the name Fingerprint Sensor in an Electronic Device. However, the popular company released nothing yet.
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All iPhone models released until now use a physical home button, which acts like a menu button. This is the only physical button on the iPhone and its elimination would allow the company to launch a model and a display that takes up the entire front of the phone.

This move would mean that Apple will increase the size of the iPhone's screen, with no need to sacrifice dimensions or make other investments.

Keeping the same size, but a larger and an edge-to-edge screen would definitely be a unique move for the company.

And that may not be the only benefit. Many people tend to complain about the fact that the home button is easily activated by accidental presses.

This issue might also be fixed by a virtual home button that is only activated when the user pushes a specific area of the screen, with pressure.

It remains unknown if and when Apple will introduce the new rumored virtual home button, however, many analysts seem to believe that it will not come along with the upcoming iPhone.
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