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Watch WWDC 2015 Keynote Stream: Unveiling iOS 9 And The New Mac OS X

Apple reveals WWDC Keynote Live Stream for June 8t - which starts at 10 AM Pacific/ 1 PM Eastern Time.
One of the most expected moments of this month is without a doubt the event that Apple is set to hold next week.

The famous company is expected to make some releases now, but it is yet to see exactly what the tech giant will introduce.

WWDC 2015
 Among the expectations from Apple is to introduce some updates to iOS and reveals the new Mac OS X, but the famous company is also expected to come with a few surprises.

Among the things that Apple is expected to impress with is a new development in its music apps and services, which has been rumored for quite some time now.

 So, without a doubt, Apple will unveil at this time its latest software, a thing that the famous company has already got everyone used to do.

This means that Apple is expected to unveil its iOS 9. Around this time of the year, each year, Apple made such a release, so there is no way this year could be different.

 However, rumors indicate that iOS 9 will not come with as many improvements as iOS 7 or iOS 8.

In fact, what analysts are saying is that Apple will mostly be focused on stability when it comes to this release.
 So, the latest iOS is expected to fix some bugs.

 Another expectation for this new iOS is to be functional on old devices, including the iPhone 4S, which is without a doubt something that many Apple users will find to be quite useful.

 The Mac OS is expected to come with similar updates as the OS for mobile devices. However, analysts seem to believe that at this point, Apple will be introducing a new security system called Rootless.

This feature is expected to boost security by blocking user access to some files. However, the most interesting thing that Apple is expected to release at this point is a new music subscription.

According to the latest rumors, this subscription is expected to cost under $10 per month and is expected to offer unlimited access to millions of songs.

Some analysts claimed that with this release, Apple will most likely shock and the famous company is rumored to make the service available on Android devices, as well.

This would be an interesting and unusual move for the tech giant. Well, there are just a few days left until we will find out exactly what Apple has prepared for its fans.
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