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Apple and Samsung to Partner for Next Generation SIM Card

Apple and Samsung seem to be willing to work together for a new project. Although the two companies are rivals, Apple is actually a Samsung customer and the two have done business together various times.

Now it seems that the tech giants might also be willing to partner for the creation of the next generation SIM card.

Well, the idea is not completely new, as actually Samsung and Apple have now joined the rest of tech giants in a broad move towards e-SIM cards. The whole concept is very interesting, but many have claimed that it will come to completely change the way customers and mobile operators interact.

This does not mean that operators will lose their clients, but such a technology might offer users a unique mobility.

So, devices using an electronic SIM card will allow users to switch a smartphone, tablet or wearable device from one network operator to another. Moreover, this new SIM would also be able to bolster the underlying security. With such a new technology, classic SIM cards may be disappearing.

Well, a new Financial Times report said that Apple, Samsung and other tech giants are close to the release of electronic SIM card devices, although users should not expect to see that sooner than 2016.

So, this means that after no less than 24 years since the first SIM cards were launched on the market, they are replaced with a type of technology that is considered to be much more flexible, known under the name of e-SIM.

When it comes to mobile carriers, it seems that numerous such companies have already started negotiations with Apple and Samsung, with the main purpose to find the best way to implement the new e-SIM cards technology.

Some may not be happy with these developments, as most carriers actually sell either discounted or free phones as a bonus for yearlong contracts. This meant that carriers offered phones for the guarantee that customers are going to remain committed to their services.

Of course, solutions will definitely be found and it is yet to see when and how this technology will be implemented.
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