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Apple Challenges Spotify with Apple Music

Apple Challenges Spotify with Apple Music
The Apple Music service was launched and it seems that it has a huge potential to become an amazing success. After all, Apple is the company which managed to completely transform the way the world bought and listened to music, back in 2003. That was the moment when Apple launched the iTunes music store.
The iTunes completely transformed the way people listened to music because this was the first service which allowed users to legally download and use music at home. And that was unique, so there is no wonder that people just loved it. Now, Apple seems to be willing to make a new change. This time the famous company introduced a streaming service that really has the potential of conquering the market.
However, Apple will have to deal with some small details, this time. Its service is not unique on the market. In fact, there are a number of services that offer similar capabilities and which have been on the market for several years. Of course, one of the most popular such services is Spotify. The main question that raises in this context is if Apple will be able to determine people to switch from Spotify to the Apple Music. And it seems that in many cases so far it has actually been able to achieve that purpose.
The strongest points of the service are great music curation, Siri usability for fast songs launching, while the app has been described as fun to use. However, reviews also seem to appreciate the fact that the service offers a pretty good sound quality. And of course, Apple managed to surprise everyone with the Beats 1.
When the famous company announced the release of the Beats 1, not everyone was excited. In fact, Apple Music's 24-hour radio station that broadcasts live was not considered to be a successful move. Now, it seems that Beats 1 is a hit and users really like it. Will this service be a trigger to determine users into switching from Spotify or other services to the Apple Music? In only three months, we will find out if Apple managed to convince users, as we will discover how many people decided to pay for subscription to the service. 
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