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Apple Watch Becomes Easily Available

People who plan on buying the Apple Watch, without the stress of having to wait for the device to be delivered to them, might be happy to find out that the smartwatch is now easily available in sale. So, US customers who want to order the Apple Watch can rest assured that they will get the device in just a few days.
The Apple Watch online store shows that most models of the new device are in stock. This means that orders will be processed immediately as placed and in some cases shoppers will get the new product in only one business day. The fact that the device is available in stock could mean that the famous company has finally managed to catch up with the demand for the new product, but also that the overall interest in the Apple Watch has gradually decreased since the release of this product.
Apple Watch Image HD Resolution
Well, both these hypothesis might be true. So, when the Apple Watch was released in April there was a huge gap between demand and supply, which meant that customers had to wait up to several weeks until getting their order. Apple expected to have a higher demand than supply, but it seems that the famous company was unable to prevent this. The manufacturing process of the Apple Watch was said to be very complex, so Apple was unable to produce more.
We expect that strong customer demand will exceed our supply at launch
a statement said at that time. 
To provide the best experience and selection to as many customers as we can, we will be taking orders for Apple Watch exclusively online during the initial launch period
 the same statement added.
Well, opinions seem to be shared when it comes to the success of the Apple Watch. There are also some voices saying that Apple has registered some great sales so far, which will continue in the following months. There is no wonder that there are so much speculations on this subject, as Apple refused to reveal how much it sold since the release. Some analysts claimed that by June Apple sold over 2.79 million devices. Some claimed that by the end of the year no less than 15.4 million units will be shipped. Others said that Apple will sell 30 million watches in the first year of its release.
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