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Apple Watch Sales Reach More Dramatic Low Levels - New iPods Might be Coming

The fact that the demand for the Apple Watch has decreased since its launch is not something shocking. However, according to the latest reports, sales of Apple's smartwatch have actually reached dramatic low levels. The Apple Watch was said to have sold in about 1.3 million units during the launch day. However, reports indicated that that on July 1, Apple sold fewer than 2,500 watches.
Well, the decline in sales might indicate that as people got to use and check out the Apple Watch, they began being less interested in the new device. Moreover, if the figures are compared to the ones registered by the iPhone, there is a huge difference. The iPhone has sold in over 61.7 million units in the last financial quarter. The iPad also did better than the Apple Watch, registering sales of 12.6 million.
Apple Watch PhotoOne of the main questions that raises in this context is why the lack of interest? While a definitive answer on that is almost impossible to offer, it seems that people are not satisfied with the performance and usability of the smartwatch. One of the issues that have been brought forward is linked to the device's battery life.
So, numerous users claimed that the device does not even run the entire day with its current battery. Of course, the Apple Watch has to be charged on daily basis. However, that may not be all. Latest reports indicated that a growing number of Apple Watch users have been complaining that the smartwatch is so hot that it is actually burning their skin.
The issue doesn't seem to be a widespread one, but the customers who experienced this problem claimed that the company should do something about it. If there is an issue with the watch overheating is hard to say at the moment, but since the number of complaints is pretty low, the skin burns and irritations might be caused by a series of factors, including allergies to the materials used in manufacturing the product or even skin sensitivity.
If things seem to not be going well for Apple when it comes to the sales of the Apple Watch, the famous company looks to show interest in updating some of its devices. Apparently, after years of waiting, Apple has finally decided to update the iPod Touch lineup. The famous company is said to be releasing a new iPod Touch next week. Some reports indicated that besides this new device, Apple might be preparing other releases, too, including a new iPod Nano. Hopefully, this time the rumors will be true, as these are actually not the first reports that talk about such a release.
So, various times it has been speculated that Apple was working at the release of the iPod Touch 6th generation. However, this time more concrete details on what the new device will feature were offered. Among the things speculated as this point is the fact that the iPod will come in more color options, among which electric blue, fuchsia, pink, grey, but also gold and of course the classic black. Reports also claimed that Apple has been focusing on enhanced features that would enable the device to perform faster.
Well, in just one week users will discover exactly what Apple plans on releasing. Actually, 2015 seems to be another busy and full year for the popular company. Apple is already known to be working at the iOS 9, which will be coming this fall. The famous company is without a doubt working at the release of a new generation iPhone, too, although Apple has not confirmed anything on this matter.
In fact, some reports claimed that Apple plans on releasing two new iPhones, although the updates they will bring will not be impressive at all. On the other hand, Apple is said to be also updating the Apple Watch and now reports said that the famous company will soon release new iPod models. If the iPad will also be updated or not is yet to be discovered. Apple has been having a spectacular success lately and the famous company has a huge potential in continuing on that direction, but if it will be able to maintain the same huge sales or not is something to be confirmed.  
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