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Apple Watch's Sales are worse than Imagined

Ever since its release, the Apple Watch has been considered one of the most successful products on the market. The impressive new release was said to be a huge success for the tech giant, managing to achieve impressive sales. Well, now it seems that the device might not enjoy the success that everyone has been talking about.
According to the latest prognosis, the Apple Watch has not been the miracle product that everyone had foreseen. Analyst Andy Hargreaves recently claimed that for fiscal 2015, the sales of the Apple Watch will actually be around 10.5 million, from 11 million. The analyst also claimed that for 2016, sales will reach 21 million and not 24 million as previously claimed.
Apple Watch PictureThe analyst said that the reason of these prognosis is given by the fact that the demand for the Apple Watch is slowing quickly. "Reviews of the device have been mixed, the fashion angle appears to be leaning a bit too much toward ‘calculator watch,’ and general consumer interest as measured by search volume is below the iPod," the analyst went on to explain.
And it seems that his opinion is shared by many other Wall Street analysts, who seem to be confident that the sales of the device will fail to reach impressive levels. These prognosis and comments are being made while Apple has not officially disclosed its sales figures since its new device has been launched.
If the sales of the Apple Watch will not grow on a spectacular trend, the sales of the iPhone seem to be growing. So, this means that Apple does not need the Apple Watch to be a huge success in terms of revenue. The iPhone currently brings over 70 percent of the company's revenue and the most interesting fact is that sales continue to remain very strong. Moreover, it seems that people just love the new bigger screen iPhone and they are continuing to purchase it.
However, these sales cannot continue forever, so this means that Apple needs to have another successful project, until reaching the saturation of the market. Analysts claim that there are many reasons why the Apple Watch is not as successful as expected. One of these reasons is said to be its battery life.
Apple Watch's battery life
The length of the battery life of the Apple Watch has been an issue for numerous customers ever since the product was first released on the market. Many people have complained that the device does not have enough juice to run on full usage for a whole day. So, besides the fact that the watch needs to be charged once a day, in many cases customers complained about running out of battery too quickly when in constant use.
Well, it seems that Apple is perfectly aware of this issue and is already thinking of ways to overcome the problem. According to reports, Apple has started to work with LG and Samsung for the next Apple Watch generation. The famous company is said to be willing to develop a thinner display, allowing a larger battery life, without increasing the size or design of the smartwatch.
The Apple Watch 2 is also said to come with better outdoor visibility, as well as some new features, including a Facetime camera for video calls. These rumors emerged last month, when some leaks indicated that Apple was working at the upcoming Apple Watch generation. However, it remains unknown for now when Apple plans on releasing this second generation device. Apple is first expected to release a new iPhone, so maybe a new Apple Watch will come by the end of the year.
Apple is expected to address all the shortcomings of the Apple Watch in its rumored update. The fact that an update will come is not something unexpected, as Apple commonly updates its devices each year. If the famous company plans on investing in the Apple Watch, such an update will come by the end of 2015 and the second generation device will most likely be available in sale at the beginning of 2016. What is really interesting to discover in this context is how and which of these issues reported by customers will be addressed by the famous company.
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