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iPhone Rumors Continue

The latest iPhone released by Apple was launched in September 2014, this being of course the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The success of these two devices has been unimaginable and might also be unbeatable.

This is why Apple fans are eager to discover the upcoming device and are also very much interested in what Apple might be preparing next. This, of course, puts a lot of pressure on the famous company, who needs to meet the expectations.

A series of rumors have been linked to this Apple release so far. Some rumors indicated that the famous company will launch at this point an iPhone 6s. Of course, Apple has not confirmed the rumors, so the name of its upcoming phone remains unknown.

Some reports claimed that Apple will call its upcoming device iPhone 7, as the new product will come with some significant changes, justifying this name.

As imagined, on this aspect there are also some rumors. So, while some claim that the improvements will be significant, others seem to believe that Apple will not bring something impressive at this point.

Most reports seem to agree that Apple will not make any changes when it comes to the design of its smartphone. Some have claimed that the famous company will most likely introduce more color options, including pink, but that might be all. However, on the interior, there are all sort of features and improvements rumored at this point.

So, among the rumors was claimed that the next generation iPhone will come with an all new processor, as well as 12 mega-pixels camera. Some reports said that the famous company was planning on using sapphire in a limited number of iPhone 6s Plus units, while others indicated that Apple was willing to add Force Touch in its upcoming device.

Its new features might make the latest iPhone appealing to numerous customers. Of course, there are many other rumors out there, as well, but things will only be confirmed when Apple will officially release its upcoming iPhone. The release is expected to be made in September, and if this will not be the case this year, it will definitely be made sometime during the fall.
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