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New Apple iPad coming in November

Lately, rumors have been talking about the release of a new iPhone and a new iPod. In this context, everyone wondered when the famous company will talk about the release of a new iPad. Apple has used its customers and fans with the release of some updates for the iPhone and the iPad each year and it seems that 2015 will not make an exception. After all, these are the most important products that Apple has in its lineup, as they produce most revenues for the famous company.
So, now, new rumors indicated that Apple plans on launching a new iPad in the near future. Actually, according to the latest reports, the release will come in November. Well, not only that Apple will release an update to its product, but the famous company is actually said to be working at the release of the largest iPad it has ever launched. It seems that Apple really enjoyed the success of the iPhone and the famous company thinks that a larger iPad will mean a similar increase in popularity and consequently in revenues.
However, reports said that Apple wants to be really careful, the famous company being uncertain how the product will be received on the market. So, the initial shipment volume for this larger iPad will be much lower than expected. Allegedly, Apple is willing to be cautious, as the iPad market is not evolving on an increasing path. Of course, this is not a trend limited to Apple's devices.
The entire tablet market is dealing with a series of challenges, as customers seem to simply not be that interested in such products. As a consequence, the iPad sales fell by 23% each year. However, many expect this new larger iPad to resuscitate the interest in tablet computers. Well, a larger screen might not be enough for Apple, but the famous company is said to be introducing a series of features to make the device more easy to use and more productive.
Of course, these are just rumors for now, so it is yet to see if Apple will really release such a product. Moreover, it is yet to see how successful the device will turn out being and if Apple made a good choice to produce limited quantities of the product.
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