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What will Feature Apple's iOS 9?

The newest iOS is almost here and Apple users can discover what the latest operating system will bring. Apple's iOS 9 is currently available in beta and the famous company will most likely widely release it sometime this fall.
Well, the iOS 9 is an expected release as it actually will bring a series of revisions and improvements. In fact, it is the only update since the iOS 6 which seems to bring some massive changes. So, iOS 9 is a substantial update that the company plans on making and which will bring a series of new features for the iPhone and the iPad, of course, focused on enhanced efficiency and usability.
The latest iOS has been in tests for developers for quite some time, but it seems that Apple decided now to make it available in a public beta that all Apple users can install. This isn't a bad move for the company, as this way Apple will be able to find and potentially address the issues and expectations that customers report, being able to easier meet their needs.
Reportedly, the version still needs a lot of work, as the beta has some bugs that make the device crash. So, as it is now, users will probably find it challenging to rely on their phone throughout the entire day. Actually, Apple had warned people who plan on using it and did not advised them to install it on their main device.
Once these issues will be addressed and the iOS 9 will be officially released, it will come with features such as Smarter Siri, HelathKit, Added Search Intelligence, Multi-Tasking and Low Power Mode. This means that the iOS 9 can search deep within the apps installed on a device, can work in two screens at once or even watch a video with picture in picture mode. Another new feature is Maps. This means that Apple will be supporting mass transit directions with iOS 9.
With the iOS 9, Apple is also debuting its News app. This is actually a premiere for the famous company, as it is the first time when such an app is released by Apple. Well, these are the things that have been revealed until now, but most likely other new features will come with the official release.
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