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Apple Pay Popular Among Apple Watch Users

The Apple Watch has surely been one of the most interesting and most expected releases of the last
year. While many people were eager to get the new device, numerous others started wondering really how useful the smartwatch will be, fearing that its looks and design were everything there was to it.

Well, now it seems that at least one service is highly used and appreciated on the Apple Watch and that is the Apple Pay.

A new research indicated that the vast majority of Apple Watch owners, in both the US and the UK, are using Apple Pay. The research was conducted by Wristly platform.

The study based on 1000 respondents claimed that out of the people questioned about 80% said that they were using the contactless payment system on their smartwatch. Only about 9% of the respondents claimed that they still preferred using this system on their iPhones.

Well, the survey indicated that the release of the Apple Watch has been great when it comes to increasing the usage of the Apple Pay. So, owning an Apple Watch increased the likelihood of using the Apple Pay system. And it just seems that users find this to be extremely comfortable.

The famous company's system has become widely used. Moreover, the statistics shared now indicated that one of the main reasons why the rest of the people who own an Apple Watch do not use this service is linked to the lack of support from their bank.

Banks such as Lloyds, Bank of Scotland or TSB, among others, do not support the Apple Pay system, at least for now. The major banks claimed that they will start using this system beginning autumn.

This means that it is expected for the rate of the Apple Pay adoption to raise among Apple Watch users. Of course, the real numbers are not yet available.

So, Apple made a great choice in releasing the Apple Pay to be compatible with the Apple Watch.

Moreover, since the famous company knows now how successful this system really is, maybe Apple will think of ways to enhance even more its usability.
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