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Apple Postpones Launch of New TV Service

Apple fans who wanted to get the much expected TV streaming service that the famous company was set to launch soon will surely be disappointed to find out that the new service will not be introduced on the market next month.

So, Apple suffered quite a big hit to its reputation. The famous company was in the situation of having to postpone this moment because it failed to reach the needed agreements with broadcast networks.

This is without a doubt a premiere for the famous company, as Apple had never failed to launch a product at the expected date. Although the live TV service was set to be out in September, it seems that it will not be released on the market sooner than 2016.

Apple has revealed nothing on this subject, so there is no official answer on why the tech company was unable to close these deals.

Some insiders claimed that talks have been progressing slowly, as there are many interests involved. Of course, Apple is willing to close these deals at costs that would secure its profits. A live TV service delivered via the Internet would definitely be an extremely interesting release for customers.

And the release would have been bigger if Apple would have been able to make the launch on September 9, along with the rumored release of the Apple TV.

Others claimed that Apple doesn't have the computer network that would ensure a good viewing experience to users and this is another reason why the release has been delayed.

Apple was also expected to introduce at this event a newer version of the Apple TV, one said to be more functional. However, if the TV service will be delayed, maybe, Apple will not make this release either.

The Apple TV received no new updates for years, so there is no wonder that customers expected Apple to revolutionize live television.

However, Apple always has its ways and maybe this delay will finally mean an even more impressive release.

Television is believed to be one of the long term focuses that Apple is planning, as the famous company is said to be willing to use music, information and entertainment to keep the company and its famous devices in users' interest and at the center of their digital lives.
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