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Apple Suffers Hit in Patent Infringement Battle

Apple and Samsung manage to do business on one side, but on the other, the two famous companies are enemies who fight for the supremacy of the market and the interest of their clients.

Well, Apple and Samsung are also involved in some litigations, one of them being focused on a patent infringement lawsuit over the design of the iPhone.

Unfortunately for Apple, the famous company lost the last round of the legal battle with Samsung. The complaint was initially filed by Apple against Samsung.

Now, the United States Patent and Trademark Office declared that Apple's patent was invalid. This decision means that the sum that Samsung will end up paying to Apple might be further reduced.

This new decision is linked to the D618677 patent, which covers the surface design of the famous iPhone 3G. The tech giant filed a patent application for this aspect back in November 2008.

However, Apple claimed then that the patent relied on previous patents and it asked for protection against trademark infringement starting with January 2007.

With this request, Apple was willing to extend the time on which it could accuse competitors of infringing its rights.

However, a court stated now that the famous company's patent would be valid only starting with November 2008.

In other words, this means that Samsung, or any other company which released a smartphone with a similar design to the one of the iPhone between January 2007 and November 2008, cannot be held liable by the popular company for infringing its design.

As imagined, Apple could not be happy with this decision. However, it seems that the tech giant might be the one responsible for this court order.

The court started that Apple did not provide sufficient details to describe the D618677 patent in order to be able to enjoy the protection.

The whole situation is quite interesting, as in almost two years a series of smartphones were released on the market. In fact, the design was so common that in 2008, Apple wouldn't have received a patent for it. How this case will evolve is something yet to be found out.

Moreover, it is yet to discover how much from the damage that Apple was initially awarded, $1 billion, would be kept intact by the court. The monetary damage received by Apple has already been appealed.
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