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Apple TV Suffers Drop in Sales

The Apple TV has been quite a successful product for the tech giant, although Apple has never been focused on this device. Apple has been expected for quite some time to release a new Apple TV and the famous company might finally be doing that this autumn.

And if Apple is not planning on releasing an update to the Apple TV, the tech giant might be thinking about doing that soon. The sales of the Apple TV have registered a fall and the famous company has
actually fell behind other rival devices, including Amazon's lineup. However, things might be worrying for Apple, as this is the first time when Amazon's rival devices have left behind the Apple TV.

This means that the Apple TV is now placed on the fourth position, behind more popular TV boxes, including Roku's TV box.

So, Roku is the most popular company on this segment of the market, at least for now. The popular company sells a wide variety of products that connect to the TV, to make the user's experience better.

Roku sums about 34 percent of the devices sold in the US. The second place was occupied by the Chromecast, which sold about 23 percent of the TV streaming devices on the market.

Amazon managed to take the third place, increasing its US sales to 16 percent. Apple only takes 13 percent of the market. However, Apple TV's sales are not bad at all. This device remains a good performer, as Apple has managed to sell no less than 25 million Apple TVs until now.

Well, according to the latest rumors, Apple will be releasing a new Apple TV next month, at its event that will also introduce the newest iPhone. However, there are also some rumors out there indicating that Apple is not yet ready to make this release. Still, given the evolution of the market, Apple will not be able to postpone this update for long.

The popularity of streaming-media boxes has increased in the past few years, so Apple has huge chances of gaining success with the Apple TV. However, if the famous company will release an update to this device or not is yet to find out.
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