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Apple Working at Voicemail Service

Like all other tech giants, Apple is looking for ways to keep users happy and engaged. The famous company is said to be working now at the release of a voicemail service which uses Siri to answer calls or even to transcribe messages.

The news was revealed by a Business Insider report, which indicated that Apple has already started testing the new service, which aims to eliminate the need to listen to voicemails.

Allegedly, this system is both smart and easy to use, so Apple expects it to be really appreciated by customers.

According to these reports, if everything goes well during tests, the new service might actually be featured in iOS 10, which means that it will be out in 2016.

Apple Voice Mail Service
Until then, users will get some updates to Siri with the release of iOS 9, which is expected to be out this fall.

These updates are said to include the ability to search through applications and predict what users want to do.

Well, one of the most interesting things said at this point is the fact that with this rumored voicemail service, Siri would actually be able to send users a transcribed voicemail, which means that they won't have to really listen to the voicemails again.

It actually is a fact that people hate receiving voicemails. If leaving a voicemail does not seem to be a bad idea, when it comes to listening to one, people are quite reticent. Well, Siri's latest feature could be solving that.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, so it is yet to see if Apple really has such releases in its plans.

Meanwhile, if Apple has a new project in the works which seems to be really interesting and quite expected, the famous company is not doing that well when it comes to sales.

In fact, Apple has suffered a hit on the Chinese market, where it lost its dominant position in front of Xiaomi. Xiaomi's smartphones have managed to regain their popularity and the title of the largest smartphone vendor in China.

However, while Apple still manages to keep some of its popularity here, the biggest loser seems to be Samsung, which is losing ground in this key market. Samsung needs to come up with a solution to gain China's attention.
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