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Apple Promises to Ensure Privacy

Recently, Apple has tried to show its customers that privacy really matters for the company. So, the tech giant has issued a new update to its privacy webpage, explaining to its customers how it uses several methods to protect their privacy.

The famous company wanted users to know that it puts privacy above of anything. There is no wonder that Apple made this move, having under consideration that the subject of privacy has become more and more debated nowadays.

Apple Privacy Updated
Not only that users are concerned about a company's ability to protect their data from third party attacks or third party access, but they are also becoming concerned on the ways companies, such as Apple, are using their personal data.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple also decided to address the issue of privacy and revealed how the tech giant is protecting customer data.

Apple has always claimed that unlike other companies, such as Google or Facebook, it does not need to use customer data for their products or services, having a business model totally not dependent on that. "We design our products in such a way that privacy is designed into the product.

And security is designed in," Cook claimed during a recent interview. "

And so if you think about it ... some of our most personal data is on the phone: our financial data, our health information, our conversations with our friends and family and co-workers. And so instead of us taking that data into Apple, we've kept data on the phone and it's encrypted by you.

You control it," he explained. Tim Cook also claimed that for Apple privacy is actually a fundamental human right that all individuals have. The famous CEO went on to add that Apple is doing its best to make sure that its customers are able to keep their lives private in the way they desire.

Apple also explained that it does not collect every "detail about your life. That's just not the business that we are in." So, it seems that Apple is determined to ensure customers that it is able to protect their data and their privacy, while not invading every aspect of their personal lives, such as many other companies seem to do.
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