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Apple secretly Acquires Perceptio

Apple has made another interesting decision that the famous company seemed to be willing to keep away from the public's eye. According to the latest reports, the tech giant has actually purchased Perceptio, a small startup focused on artificial intelligence.

According to Bloomberg, this company was founded by Nicolas Pinto and Zak Stone, and is focused on developing technology that would allow smartphone companies to create and use advanced artificial intelligence systems, while minimalizing the use of customer data.

After the news on this acquisition surfaced, Apple confirmed its decision, but the famous company revealed nothing about the terms of the purchase.

"Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purposes or plans," a spokesperson for Apple claimed. 

Of course, this has not stopped rumors on Apple's real intentions linked to the purchase, even more so as this is not the first such decision that the popular company makes. Only a few days ago, Apple had also acquired VocallQ, another artificial intelligence startup.

This company had actually developed a voice assistant that is believed to be superior to Siri, so maybe Apple wanted this company in order to improve the performance of Siri.

Some analysts have claimed that Apple made both acquisitions in the attempt to make Siri smarter. And if this is the case, Apple's decision is not shocking at all. Actually, the famous company's personal assistant has somehow remained behind its competitors on the market, as Google Now and Microsoft Cortana seem to be able to bring more usability. One of the reasons why they were able to overpass Siri is linked to privacy.

Apple has very strict policies on how it accesses user data and the tech giant is not collecting or using data from its customers. From this point of view, the acquisition of Perceptio might help Apple add improvements to Siri, with no need to change its user privacy policies.

And this is without a doubt a good move for Apple, having under consideration that customers have become more and more interested in the way companies collect and use their data.

Regardless of its purposes, purchasing small firms has become a widespread tactic among tech giants, willing to find new technologies or development possibilities. The terms of these purchases have not been revealed, so how much Apple paid for Perceptio or VocallQ is yet to be found out.
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