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Apple TV will be released next week

After years of expectations and rumors, the magic finally happens. The new Apple TV will be available for shipping next week. Probably, there are lots of customers who are already waiting for the new device to be available.

CEO Tim Cook confirmed these days that customers can order the new Apple TV starting October 26 and it will begin shipping by the end of the month.

The new video streamer will also be called the "Apple TV". Customers had the chance to see the device for the first time at an event in San Francisco, back on September 9.

So, the new Apple TV will be available in two versions. The first version will be available at the price of 149 dollars and it will have a 32GB of internal storage, while the second model will cost 199 dollars and it will come with 64GB of internal storage.

It is well-known that the original Apple TV box was released in 2012 and it is still on sale, at the price of 69 dollars.

The new models will come with the same features and apps as the first model, but they will also bring some new additions and other much-anticipated improvements, including an integration with Siri voice-recognition system for search, an updated app store and a new remote control with a touchpad.

However, probably the main attraction on the new Apple TV is the introduction of a real app store. To be added that this video streamer comes with a high number of apps that the company has introduced automatically, but now, it also has a dedicated app store where owners can add or delete apps by their choice.

Users can also play numerous games using the touchpad remote, which offers motion control like a dedicated game console. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t announce a dedicated controller, like Google Nexus Player or Amazon Fire TV, but its remote controller is very responsive.

Of course, like many other video streamers on the market, Apple TV comes with the well-known HBO GO/Now, Netflix, Hulu and Showtime. Probably, Apple also has some new surprises for its clients, but that will have to be discovered next week. 
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