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Interesting facts about Apple iPhone 6S

Apple has made a new release these days and that is the new iPhone 6S. After a huge hit with its predecessor, iPhone 6, everyone will ask what new features has Apple brought this time.

Well, this new model is more like an upgrade and comes with better camera, bigger screen and Apple Pay.

Iphone 6S

Without a doubt, everyone wanted these new things. Now, it can be said that iPhone 6S is close to being a perfect phone. Moreover, it comes with 3D Touch, the company’s newest feature, where users can do all kind of things with a simple finger press.

However, the new iPhone 6S doesn’t come with major surface changes, similar to many other S-models.

The real changes have been made inside, where Apple has made some changes to the processor and many others.

To be added that even if the iPhone 6S looks the same as the predecessor, it comes with a new color, a metallic-pink rose gold color.

However, this device feels the same in hand and it is very comfortable, such as its predecessor.

As it was earlier mentioned, iPhone 6S comes with a new feature, which is a pressure-sensitive touchscreen technology named 3D Touch.

Along this new feature, Apple also introduced a better camera, an always-on Siri and a complete reinforced glass screen, which the company claims is sturdier.

However, the 3D Touch feature will probably be the new big idea on the smartphone market.

When pressing on the screen, it will pop-out window emerges, like little menus, quick action menus from apps, expanding links or messages and may others.

Probably, many other brands will adopt this idea because it is something that will probably help users quickly use some apps, especially Mail.

However, at the first use, probably many owners will not know how to take advantage of 3D Touch. This new feature is incorporated into many apps and it is quite useful.

To be mentioned that iPhone 6S comes with a faster A9 processor, speedier wireless via improved Wi-Fi antennas, double the Ram and access to faster LTE data networks. Moreover, it has a faster Touch ID sensor on the home button and supports 4K video recording. 
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