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Learn more about the new Apple TV 2015

This year, Apple has decided to upgrade the original Apple TV into something more spectacular. Even if the streamer market is filled with high-end devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, Apple will certainly be a strong competitor.

With the new streamer, Apple has included new features, apps and an upgraded remote. Probably, the new remote controller is the best on the market so far, due to its responsive touchpad.

Moreover, the new Apple TV has a voice search, just like Roku and Amazon Fire TV. With this new feature, users can talk to “Siri,” which can do more than find stuff to watch.

To be added that the new Apple TV is more expensive compared with other steamers on the market. This new Apple streamer is available at the price of 149 dollars for the 32GB version and 199 dollars for the 64GB version.

Well, the original model that was released in 2012 is still on the market and costs approximately 69 dollars. Even if the new model is more expensive than other streamers on the market, it is also very interesting and pleasant to use.

Owners can play plenty of games, its remote controller is pretty amazing and the interface is user-friendly.

Unfortunately, Apple's latest device doesn’t come with a real app for Amazon Video, which is a huge lack on this streamer.

This lack doesn’t make too much sense, because on the iPads and iPhones, there actually is an Amazon app. However, for an Apple fan who owns all the company’s devices, this new Apple TV is absolutely worth it.

To be added that the remote controller is probably the best on its field. It comes with a touchpad, a few buttons and a mic icon to call Siri.

It is important to know that, compared with the Siri on the phone or Alexa from Fire TV, this feature on the Apple TV doesn’t have an actual voice. So, the replies are in fact limited to visuals that appear on the screen.

However, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t respond accurately or pull out some interesting tricks for users.

Learn more about the new Apple TV 2015 Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 10/29/2015 02:13:00 PM Rating: 5

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