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The new Logitech Harmony Elite

Universal remote controls are an interesting category of tech devices and are capable to solve a substantial problem: replacing original remote controls that became nonfunctional.

However, universal remote controls are very rare on the market and it will be a hard mission to find the one that will suit each TV set.

Harmony is probably the best choice for this problem. This company has been in business for several years and it existed long before Logitech acquired it. These days, Harmony has released their new remote, called Elite. This new universal remote control is available at the price of 349 dollars and comes with several new features.
The new Logitech Harmony Elite

For starters, the new Harmony Elite comes with touchscreen capabilities, a faster core and a standard assortment of physical remote buttons, placed under the display.

Moreover, it also comes with a dock that will be needed for recharging the remote and a Hub in the size of the Apple TV or Roku.

Probably, customers will think that it is too much, but this Hub is very important, especially if they want to control two additional wired remote IR blasters.

Moreover, this Hub will be connected to user’s home Wi-Fi and they can control smart sockets, bulbs, thermostats and many others.

Most likely, the main attraction on this remote is the display. Many customers will probably ask themselves if this display situated on the remote is actually worth it.

Well, probably one of its main abilities is that users can easily access more activities. For example, there are activities like “Play PlayStationn 4” or “Watch TV”, and when the user selects one of these activities, the remote will turn on all the devices that are used for them to work.

This means that when the owner selects “Watch TV”, the remote will activate the TV, AV receiver and cable box.

To be added that on the previous version, Harmony Companion, users had only three “Activity” keys, but with the new Elite they will have several activities that will probably cover all their home devices.

Another interesting feature is “Favorites.” With this feature, users can designate any number of channels as favorite, and they will appear on the remote’s display with network icons for direct access. The same feature is also met on Roku channels, when the screen offers direct access to Amazon Instant or Netflix. Even if the previous

Harmony models were criticized for their nonsensical button placement, the new Elite will probably receive a big thumbs-up, because its button was moved within easy reach. The physical buttons are found under the screen, above the main four-way cursor pad.

The new Harmony Elite also comes with full backlighting behind every hard key, which is an incredible and useful feature, especially in darker rooms. Featuring a screen and backlight, this universal remote comes with a rechargeable battery.

Moreover, Logitech has declared that the Elite has a 20 percent improved battery life, compared with the previous model. However, Harmony Elite will be a strong competitor on the market, having under consideration the fact that it can control up to 15 different home theater devices.
The new Logitech Harmony Elite Reviewed by John Colston on 2:57 PM Rating: 5
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