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New features from OS X El Capitan

Apple has released a new update for its operating system, El Capitan. The popular company has named this new operating system after a huge rock formation located in Yosemite National Park, California.

Now, for starters users should know that this new update is free and they can download it starting with Wednesday, September 30.

Yosemite, the previous version of OS X, had some interesting changes for OS X, including Handoff,
Continuity and Spotlight. Now, if Yosemite introduced these new features, El Capitan has the mission to restrain these features and make them better.

However, the new operating system has some interesting features too, like more efficient ways to search or some improvements at multitasking. Moreover, the performance has been improved as well, which is a good thing. El Capitan represents more like an evolution for Apple, because it is more efficient than any other operating system that the company had. To be added that El Capitan will run on just about every Mac released in the last few years.

Users should know that when updating to the new OS, they will receive an improvement to about all familiar apps that they have on the Mac. Some of these updates are also borrowed from iOS.

So what will users get? 

A new operating system that delivers an easier way of usage and direct connection between PC and mobile.

As it was earlier mentioned, Spotlight has received some interesting new features. As we know, these features have been on Apple’s operating system since 10.4 Tiger. Spotlight had only one purpose: to help users find stuff. Well, over the years, that stuff category has grown substantially.

Starting with Yosemite, Spotlight had the power to search beyond the files saved onto the computer and started to find information from Wikipedia or even location-based results. El Capitan updated this new feature and now Spotlight can show to users the weather in Hawaii or forecast for the upcoming days.

However, El Capitan has also made some changes on Apple’s native apps, which includes Notes. Now, there are several competitors on the market, including Evernote or OneNote. But, Notes will not directly compete with other apps on the market, because this feature will not help users take voice notes or store their files.

The new Notes comes with some new features, compared with its predecessor. Users can quickly make some to-do lists, create checklists or add a bit of style to their notes. Moreover, they can use the Share app to add videos, links and photos to their notes.
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