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News App no Longer Available in China

Apple decided to block is News app in China. It is important to mention that the app will be unavailable for all Apple users on the Chinese territory, even though their phones might be registered in the US.

So, this means that users who are connected to a Chinese telecom network will have access to the news reading app blocked.

The reason why Apple News is currently unavailable in China remains unknown. However, according to different sources, the famous company's decision is actually linked to the strict governing media and online expression in this country.

The Apple News service was launched by the tech giant back in June. The service is currently available only to users in the United States. However, Apple has shown its intention to make the service available in Britain and Australia, too. 

Well, until now, users registered in the United States, but traveling overseas were able to continue accessing the service, regardless of their destination.

News app from apple restricted in china
Well, currently, the Apple News app does not work any longer in China. Users who will want to check the app on the Chinese territory, will get a message saying that the News app is not "supported in your current region."

Apple has not revealed anything and the famous company refused to comment on the reasons why News is not working in China.

China has become an amazingly important market for Apple. The famous company has focused a lot of efforts into the sales of its latest iPhones in this country and this market has become the second largest source of revenue for Apple, after the United States.

There is no wonder after all that Apple is trying not to raise issues with the Chinese government.

Most likely, if Apple wants its app to be available in China, it will have to install a censorship system, something that the Chinese government commonly asks companies.

For now, Apple decided to completely disable the service, but without a doubt, the tech giant will have to come with a better solution. Exactly how will Apple handle this situation and what will it change is yet to be discovered.
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