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Apple Purchases Faceshift

Apple has made another new acquisition. The famous company has actually purchased Faceshift, a quite successful motion capture company.

This company is in fact known, as its technology is set to appear in the new Star Wars. Without a doubt, Apple has made an interesting purchase at this point. The newly purchased company is also believed to be having capacities to develop augmented reality applications.

The fact that Apple might be interested in this company was first revealed about one month ago when rumors indicated that Apple might be willing to purchase Faceshift.

Faceshift technology acquired by apple
The rumors were first launched by MacRumors, which claimed that none of Faceshift's officials denied that Apple might have an interest in making such an acquisition. Well, it seems that the rumors turned out being true after all.

Apple has confirmed the deal, but as imagined, the famous company has not revealed anything else, such as why it might be interested in Faceshift's technology and how it might be planning on using it.

The software developed by Faceshift is quite interesting and Apple will surely make use of it. The tech company is able to capture facial expressions and graft them onto digital avatars almost in real-time.
This technology might turn out being useful for Apple when it comes to security applications, but also when it comes to augmented reality, in which Apple has previously shown interest.

As imagined, there are also chances that customers will not discover where Apple will make use of this acquisition, as the famous company is not very open in sharing too much about its technologies. Some have claimed that Apple could even use Faceshift's technology for authorizing payments via facial recognition.

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans," the company stated. 

Faceshift was first launched in 2011 and it is based in Zurich. The financial details of the acquisition have not been revealed at this point. Reportedly, the acquisition took place in August, although it was only confirmed now.

Of course, Faceshift is not the first company that Apple purchases. The tech giant has acquired earlier this year Metaio, which is also known for its augmented reality. In fact, this technology produced by Mataio was used by famous brands such as Ikea or Macy's.  Apple has also purchased Polar Rose and PrimeSense companies.

Apple seems to be showing quite a lot of interest in such technology lately. However, until the company's plans will be clearer, Apple remains focused on making its smart devices as successful as possible.

Lately, it has been revealed that Vine, the six-second looping video app of Twitter is now available on the Apple Watch. The app comes with two feeds for the Watch: Favorites and Features. The Apple Watch is one of the products in which Apple has been putting a lot of hope this year.

The tech giant wants to make its smartwatch a success, which can drive big sales and gain an important place on the market. It is yet to find out if it will be able to achieve all that.

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