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Asus to Launch Augmented Reality Headset

Asus seems to be interested in augmented reality now. The popular company has just confirmed that it plans on releasing an augmented reality headset, which is set to be out sometime in 2016.
Asus did not reveal the exact date of the release at this point.

The news was actually confirmed by the company's CEO.
It should be next year when we come out with a product" Jonny Shih said. 
We think augmented reality will be very important for people's lives," the CEO added. 
Augmented Reality Microsoft New project
The new device is expected to be quite similar with Microsoft's HoloLens, but will most likely come at a lower cost, making it more attractive to customers.

Of course, Asus has not confirmed that at this point, so it remains widely unclear if this new device will actually be a HoloLens clone and how much it will cost.

However, it is important to mention that a few weeks ago Asus was actually in talks with Microsoft on the prospect of building its own HoloLens headset.

If the plan will be concluded and Asus will really release this device, it will be the first HoloLens outside Microsoft.
What is certain now is that the project is in the works, although very few details were revealed about Asus's plan to take on augmented reality.

HoloLens clone - augmented reality project
This domain is without a doubt extremely interesting and many companies have tried to find ways to exploit it. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality will not show users a completely fabricated view, but would actually overlay digital elements onto the real world.

Microsoft has previously revealed that it planned on making the HoloLens an entire category, not only a single product released by the tech company.

Microsoft also claimed that it will release a developer version of HoloLens early next year, costing about $3000.

Actually, the price seems to be the main issue that Microsoft has when it comes to this product. Spending $3000 for this device may not be an option for customers, even though they may be interested in discovering its functionalities.

However, many analysts have claimed that the price may not be the only issue of this device. In fact, the HoloLens has been associated to a number of problems, including bulkiness and constrained viewing angles.

HoloLens Microsoft Augmented Reality Prototype

Will Asus release a similar device at a similar price tag?

Analysis do not expect this to happen. After all, Asus is a company known for its budget phones, tablets and laptops, so it will most likely be willing to release a more affordable option for its customers.

Seems like a series of new things will be introduced on the market in 2016. And Asus will be just one of the companies interested in the type of augmented reality introduced by Microsoft. If this is something that customers want or have been looking for remains unclear for now.

Most likely, Asus will not make its release at the beginning of 2016, meaning that customers will probably have to wait until they will be able to discover the famous company's new device.
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