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BlackBerry Priv comes with Android

BlackBerry was one of the best phone companies on the market. This company has released some of the most impressive phones that can still be used today without any problems.

Unfortunately, after the release of the smartphone, BlackBerry seemed unable to keep up with other brands, like Apple or Samsung.

Well, BlackBerry is back with a phone that will probably raise some interest on the market. The famous company released the new BlackBerry Priv that promises a lot. Moreover, this new device comes with Google’s Android operating system, which is a good thing.

However, probably that the main attraction on this phone, besides the Android operating system, is the physical keyboard.

BlackBerry Priv Android System installed
This phone, besides being a touchscreen device, also has a physical keyboard. This feature will definitely transform it into a unique phone on the market. Moreover, users will also enjoy some of the BlackBerry software features, besides the ones from Android.

The new BlackBerry Priv is available at the price of 699 dollars, which makes it a decent Android phone. An interesting fact is that BlackBerry’s CEO has declared that they need to sell approximately 5 million devices a year to manage to stay in the consumer handset business.

It would be sad for the tech company to not be able to achieve that as BlackBerry is one of the oldest and most respected phone companies on the market. However, this number can be achieved, knowing that millions of people from all around the world own smartphones nowadays.

This means that the new BlackBerry Priv is probably the last change for BlackBerry to stay relevant on the market, and if they fail, they will probably be a niche company that provides software services to the government and other companies.

However, the new BlackBerry Priv is an incredible phone that comes with interesting features. Without a doubt, BlackBerry knows what they are doing and has some pretty good ideas, too.

So, without a doubt, the physical keyboard is the main attraction on this device.

How did BlackBerry manage to put a keyboard like this on a touchscreen device? 

Simply. Under the screen, meaning that the phone can slide up and it will reveal the four plastic rows. The keyboard is simply amazing, because it is not a secret that BlackBerry knows how to build a perfect keyboard. It is important to know that BlackBerry did more than just add a keyboard under the screen.

This means that the new physical keyboard was designed to be pretty usable, having a touch-sensitive feature that users can scroll with and swipe down on, like a touchpad.

Probably, many customers will ask themselves why having a physical keyboard if smartphones have a keyboard on the screen that can be tapped? 

Well, for starters, using a physical keyboard means that the screen will be entirely visible, so the visibility will be enhanced.

And another thing is that a virtual keyboard cannot be compared with a physical keyboard when it comes to tapping and nostalgics know that.
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