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Facebook Criticized for Safety Check Feature

 Facebook has decided to help users notify their friends that they are fine during the Paris terrorist attacks that led to the death or injury of hundreds of people. However, it seems that the famous social network's decision to introduce the safety check feature was not appreciated by everyone.

So, the Safety Check feature allowed people in the Paris-area to check-in, using a special button to alert all their friends that they were fine. Users only needed to click this button and the notification was seen by all those in their network. Many users seemed to appreciate and use the feature as a simple way to mark themselves as being fine.

However, Facebook was criticized by some for activating this feature now, as the famous social network did not take the same decision when it comes to other recent violent situations, including the twin suicide bombings occurring in a suburb of Beirut.

This lead to the death of 43 people, while many others were wounded. So, people did not have an issue with the fact that Facebook activated the feature during the Paris tragedy, but with the fact that it failed to do so for Beirut, although terror attacks hit this city, too.

Well, despite the criticism, Facebook stood by its decision. The famous CEO of the social networking site, Mark Zuckerberg, decided to talk about the reason why the Safety Check feature was only activated for Paris.

"Until yesterday, our policy was only to activate Safety Check for natural disasters," Mark Zuckerberg explained.

"We just change this and now plan to activate Safety Check for more human disasters going forward as  well," he added. 

So, what the CEO of Facebook was trying to share is the fact that the popular social network was not trying to discriminate against Beirut and was not activating the Safety Check feature for France, only.

In fact, he claimed that Facebook realized now that maybe the feature would be useful in more situations, thus it plans on making it accessible to users in a wider variety of cases, except for natural disasters. Zuckerberg wasn't the only Facebook representative who issued a statement.

Alex Schultz, the company's Vice President of Growth, also issued a statement, saying that the reason why the Safety Check feature was activated was actually given by the fact that a lot of movement was seen on the social network after the attacks.

The situation affected a lot of people and Facebook actually felt the need to step in and help users share information much easier. Facebook made an exception for the Paris attacks, but the company claimed that this will become the rule.

"We want this tool to be available whenever and wherever it can help," Schultz said. 

"We will learn a lot from feedback on this launch, and we'll also continue to explore how we can help people show support for the things they care about through their Facebook profiles, which we did in the case for Paris, too," he concluded.
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