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PlayStation 4 sells 30.2 million Units

One of the most successful products that Sony has in sale is without a doubt its PlayStation game console. Naturally, the success of this product is quite visible through the spectacular sales that the famous company has managed to achieve.

In a new press release, Sony has revealed that it sold no less than 30.2 million units of PlayStation 4. The number was registered until November 22.

The number of sold units includes only the units that were purchased by customers, not also the ones that were shipped to stores and are waiting to be bought. The numbers are expected to increase, as the Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season are yet to begin.

The PlayStation 4 videogame console was released about two years ago and Sony stated that this device has sold much faster than any of its predecessors.

Sony was without a doubt happy with the results.
We are sincerely grateful that gamers across the globe have continued to choose PS4 as the best place to play since launch two years ago," a statement said. 
We are committed to bringing engaging games and entertainment services to users worldwide. Thanks to the support of our partners, PS4 continues to be the premier platform for game and interactive entertainment innovation," the same statement added. 

Without a doubt, the main competitor that PlayStation has on the market is the Xbox One, released by Microsoft. Nintendo has also released an interesting gaming console, Wii U.

The sale figures reached by Microsoft have not been revealed for now, but analysts claimed that the famous company has not registered a bigger success than PlayStation.

Some have estimated that the Xbox One console had been sold in 15 million units since its launch, which actually took place one week after the launch of PlayStation 4.

So, without a doubt, Xbox sold millions of units, but analysts believe that PlayStation remained far ahead. On the other hand, Nintendo revealed that since its device was launched in November 2012 until now, it has sold no less than 10.7 million units.

Of course, this is an impressive number for a gaming console, but it is much lower than what PlayStation 4 managed to achieve.

Having under consideration its success, there is no wonder in the fact that Sony decided to make the PlayStation a very important part of its business. Customers seem to be highly interested in gaming consoles, so companies are willing to release great devices to make an important presence on the market.

The PlayStation 4, which was released in November 2013, has not stayed immune to the evolution of the market.

In fact, Sony has seen that more and more companies are trying to make competition to its famous device, so the tech giant actually decided to cut prices in major markets, including the US, but also in Japan and Europe, of course, with the purpose to enhance sales.

It will be curious to find out where PlayStation will be situated on the market when the Christmas shopping season will end. Furthermore, it will be interesting to find out where the famous company will be in terms of the competition with the Xbox One.
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