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Reddit was banned in Turkey

 It seems that Reddit has just joined the list of websites which are dealing with some issues in Turkey. So, the Turkish government decided to block the website, meaning that users will no longer be able to access Reddit in this country. The fact that the website was banned by the government was confirmed
through a message on an official site.

Users noticed the fact that Reddit was not functional in Turkey last month. Then, they became unable to access the website. The ban seems to still be in effect, meaning that the social media site is inaccessible.

What Reddit did to determine this decision is unknown, although the ban was confirmed.

"After technical analysis and legal consideration ... administration measure has been taken for this website," an official government site said. 

The same statement indicated that Reddit was banned because the site was in violation of the Turkish censorship law, also known as the Internet Law No. 5651.

The law allows authorities to ban or block websites on a wide variety of reasons.

Some of these reasons can include the fact that the website can be considered inappropriate due to involvement in prostitution, drugs, pornography, sexual abuse of children, terrorism, as well as illegal file sharing. Websites can also be banned for so called "crimes against" the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Ataturk. The Supreme Council for Telecommunications and IT is the authority in charge with banning such websites.

The interesting thing about the system is that this authority actually has the ability to impose a ban at its own discretion. This means that it does not require court authorization to ban sites, but the decision can be taken only based on a suspicion that such activities might be occurring. However, after all this power given to the authority is not something new.

The government decided last year to expand the powers to internet censorship, a move that has not been appreciated at all by the citizens interested in accessing the information they want. This led to numerous protests in Istanbul and Ankara. The police was called to end the protests at that time.

The law on which the banning on sites such as Reddit is based was first passed back in 2007. The law is not applied for the first time now. In fact, bigger and more accessed sites, including Twitter and YouTube, were banned by authorities basing on this law. Luckily, for Twitter and YouTube users, the ban was finally overturned, meaning that a Turkish court allowed the sites to continue running in this country.

However, the government showed that it has the power to control what can be watched on the Internet and what users can access. If Reddit will remain banned under the unpopular internet censorship law, or authorities or even a court will finally decide to allow the site to continue functioning, is something yet to be found out. However, meanwhile users are still unable to access Reddit. The site has not officially commented on the decision of the Turkish government.
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