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Some Interesting New Facts about the new Microsoft Xbox One

Throughout the years, there were really interesting fights going on between PlayStation and Xbox. Of course, even fans are having some arguments over which gaming console is the best on the market.

Probably, the Xbox One, after its release in November 2013, had a huge success on the market. However, PlayStation 4 was also a big hit and this device definitely features some interesting specs that users have appreciated.

Due to this, it surely is hard to say which gaming console is better, but what is more important than which one is the best is the fact that these two companies have put a lot of effort to improve their devices every year.

Of course, these changes come because both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are trying their best to become the most popular gaming console on the market and consequently gain more customers.

Microsoft Xbox One had suffered some changes in 2015, which consist in a better interface, amazing graphics and a better selection of media apps. Without a doubt, its update is an important improvement, knowing the fact that this console was behind Sony’s impressive interface.

It is important to add that Microsoft Xbox One had a good 2015 and it is the best gaming console when it comes to exclusives of the 2015 holiday season. Xbox One and PlayStation are very closely matched, offering a larger library of third-party games, like Assasin’s Creed, Rainbow Six Siege, Fallout 4 and Call of Duty. Moreover, these two consoles are also offering full-service entertainment, like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

Now, Microsoft Xbox One excels in some areas, meaning that it better, at least on these specs, than PS4. For starters, this gaming console comes with a better lineup of streaming apps, which consist from Comedy Central, Fox, MTV, NBC, Bravo Now, USA Now, TED, FX Now and Skype.

To be added that none of these apps will be available on PlayStation 4. Another interesting thing is that Microsoft’s console has EA Access, meaning that users can play games a few days before they are released.

Another great thing about Microsoft Xbox One is that it comes with an incredible controller. This gaming console probably has the best gaming controller on the market. The company has totally fixed the D-pad problem this year, and opted for a tactile pad. Moreover, the battery life has been improved too, meaning that Xbox One addressed one of the main issues that customers have been complaining about.

The console gaming market is becoming extremely interesting, as more and more customers seem to be interested in these devices. Of course, this makes the competition greater, meaning that console markers are struggling to release impressive products and convince the customer. Which of Xbox One and PlayStation will finally win the market is not certain, but the rivalry between the two is outstanding.

Furthermore, it is interesting to discover if any other manufacturer will dare to release a product on this market and if such a product could become successful.
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