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The new Google OnHub Router

The new Google OnHub Router seems to be quite similar with the previous Google OnHub, made by TP-Link.

So, the question that emerges in this context is what is different when it comes to this new device, compared with the previous model?
Well, the new Google OnHub Router comes with approximately the same design as the previous model and with features that are not activated for the moment; it requires Google connection at all times and homes a single LAN port.

At first it may seem that nothing has changed, but looking closely, it is easy to see that the device has a new feature called Wave Control.

What does this mean? 

The new Google OnHub Router specs
Well, this new feature will allow users to prioritize the speed of a device by waving their hand over the router.

As for performance, the new Google OnHub Router is slightly better than the previous TP-Link model, but it is not enough to justify its price.

Because the new Google OnHub Router comes at the price of 220 dollars, a price that is way higher compared with other routers on the market, devices that may even come with a better performance and a lower price.

So, the new Google OnHub is a good router, but unfortunately it costs too much. This means that the biggest issue for this router is that users can find faster similar devices with a better price on the market, for example Asus RT-AC68U, which is one of the most appreciated routers out there.

The new Google OnHub Router comes with a design that will certainly attract a lot of customers. It has a good-looking cylindrical design that looks quite interesting, although there are no major changes compared to the previous release.

Probably, the biggest difference between these two it that the new router comes with a wider base, which makes it look like an upside-down version of the previous model.

To be added that the hardware remains that same, meaning that it comes with just one Gigabit Wan and one Gigabit LAN port. This is not a good thing, because the more LAN ports users have, the more wired clients can be connected to the router.

Google has also explained why it added just one port, claiming that with only one port, the new OnHub will minimize the amount of cluttering wires coming out the back. The Google OnHub router has gained a lot of interest ever since it was first released.

This router is still appreciated for its neat design and user-friendly software, but it is yet to see if the device will be able to convince customers, given that it does not come at the most affordable price possible. Google has described its device as a "different kind of router for a new way to Wi-Fi."

Google has stated ever since the device was released that it wanted to eliminate the biggest inconveniences that users commonly meet when it comes to traditional routers. 
Overall, the new Google OnHub is a good and a powerful router, although the price may be described as too high by many customers.
The new Google OnHub Router Reviewed by Unknown on 11/22/2015 01:30:00 PM Rating: 5

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